Our Mission:

Realising and Rewarding the Power of Consumers

We believe consumers should share in the value we create through our consumption.  Somewhere between an online marketplace, a loyalty scheme and a cooperative, Tentop allows consumers to earn shares in our system every time they buy something.  More shares equals more rewards.


Building a fairer system

When we buy something, shareholders get richer and we become less so. Roughly 70% of the economy is driven by our personal consumption, so we think it’s only fair that consumers should share in the rewards we help to create. Here are the four components of the platform we are building:



The platform will be owned by those that directly create the value, tokens can only be earned not bought.



Brands and creators can make their products available to the platform, deciding what commission to give per sale.



Users are fully in control of their data and their profile will not just be tied to our platform, but transferable.

noun_online shopping_2489394.png


Users can search all products on the platform and see the price and the tokens they will earn when they buy.


Our Thesis

In a capitalist system, most value creation is captured by those with capital. Typically, future value (equity) is exchanged for value now (money) and that money is exchanged for contribution (employees) and consumption (customers). However, capital (money) has a correlative relationship with shareholder value, whereas consumption and contribution have a causal relationship with shareholder value. We believe that the consumers and contributors who cause value creation should capture the value they create. The result of this would be a more efficient and sustainable system of value creation where corporations become accountable to the masses rather than just the capitalists.


Next Steps



This whole system is driven by demand and so we are building a community of makers, creators, movers and shakers that are looking to do things differently.




We will launch a crowdfunding campaign to raise the funds to develop the platform as there will be no investors. Early adopters will get super tasty rewards.




We have an ambitious goal to launch the first version of the platform before the end of the year. We’ll have a handful of conscious brands and people like you.

“Tentop is a very long term project focused on building value collectively over decades and earning rewards based on our contribution to the economy.  We call it collective capitalism and it works when we work together. Join us for the journey.”


Get Involved

All consumers and contributors will be rewarded with tokens that will grow in value as more participants join the network, increasing network value. Early adopters will reap the most reward for their help in launching the network. Join our email list to be the first to know about updates as we build our community and the platform:

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