Our Mission:

Connect Commerce Equitably.

Tentop is creating a fairer system to connect buyers of products and services with sellers of products and services. Those that contribute to or consume on the network are the ones that capture the value they create, therefore building a more efficient and sustainable system of value creation.


Unfair System

We are in a period of extreme capitalism that has created an unfair system that optimises for those with capital. This is because corporations are accountable only to shareholders who put shareholder returns ahead of always doing the right thing. We want to level the playing field for all.


unscrupulous pursuit of profit

Many global companies pay minimal tax, others exploit the planet and some of the most marginalised people on earth.



Powerful tech companies make billions from data that belongs to us, creating an uneven playing field for businesses.


no universal language

There is no universal language of commerce, everyone is working from their own silos making it very fragmented.


Our Thesis

In a capitalist system, most value creation is captured by those with capital. Typically, future value (equity) is exchanged for value now (money) and that money is exchanged for contribution (employees) and consumption (customers). However, capital (money) has a correlative relationship with shareholder value, whereas consumption and contribution have a causal relationship with shareholder value. We believe that the consumers and contributors who cause value creation should capture the value they create. The result of this would be a more efficient and sustainable system of value creation where corporations become accountable to the masses rather than just the capitalists.

Next Steps


Working group

We are assembling a team of experts from a variety of disciplines to validate the many assumptions and develop solutions for challenges in cryptography, security, distributed systems, UI, UX, economics, tokenomics and monetary policy.



viral launch campaign

The success of the entire project is dependant on the buy in of consumers and contributors. Before writing a line of code, we will validate demand through a gamified, viral launch campaign where users can earn tokens and early access.



build the network

We have set an ambitious goal to launch the first version of the network before the end of the year. The aim is to have a handful of pilot brands and retailers on the supply side and a beta group of consumers on the demand side.

“Tentop is a distributed P2P network that is designed to match supply of products and services more efficiently with demand for products and services. It will be a decentralised network, system or protocol where all value created is captured by those that contribute in creating the value.”


Get Involved

Tentop will be an autonomous organisation with few employees, just consumers and contributors. Consumers would be any person or business that makes a purchase through the network that results in revenue. Contributors could be defined as those undertaking activities, where a business would typically exchange money for that contribution. This could be design or development work or winning and onboarding supply and demand partners. All consumers and contributors will be rewarded with our currency that will grow in value as more participants join the network, increasing network value. Early adopters will reap the most reward for the risk they take in building the network.


Learn more about the vision

There are still more unknowns than knowns, but read more about the core concepts behind the vision and solution.

become a contributor

The entire project will be developed and maintained by contributors. Learn more about becoming a contributor.

become a consumer

The value of the network is determined by the number of consumers and consumption on the network. Join early.